Spring has SPRUNG… and so has the Yard!!!

Heather here 🙂 I’m LOVING this Spring weather (slightly summer like humidity today but I wont hold it against you Spring!)

Being outside more with my kid playing has made me more aware of my front yard landscaping… and it needs some help! Anybody else with me?!

I found this great article with some easy tips to get your landscaping up to par… and #3 made me giggle 🙂

So now that I’m ready to tackle this… I just need some sunscreen, tools. patience, and……. someone who wants to do it for me!

Hope your landscaping is looking awesome! Did you know that the front landscaping of your house can add as much as 10% in value to your home in the perspective buyer’s eyes! So get out there and get your landscape on… then come do mine!Image